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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Angeling Card Card Weight: 1; Compound on: armor; Inscription: Holy; Blesses an A... expand
Market Value: Unknown Weight: 1 Compound on: armor
Inscription: Holy
Dropped by
Angeling 0.01%
Blesses an Armor with the Holy property.
Icon Apple Loot Weight: 2; A round, edible fruit that, when eaten once a day, ... expand
Market Value: 12 Weight: 2
Dropped by
Alice 1%, Angeling 2.5%, Archangeling 5%, Aster 1%, Chepet 55%, Drops 0.5%, Drops 11%, G Chepet 55%, Gibbet 10%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Hugeling 1%, Lunatic 6%, Marin 0.5%, Mastering 80%, Mastering 1%, Mastering 80%, Mystcase 1%, Poporing 0.5%, Poring 0.5%, Poring 10%, Poring 0.5%, Poring 10%, Sageworm 10%
A round, edible fruit that, when eaten once a day, keeps the doctor away.

Recovers a small amount of HP.
Icon Emperium Loot Weight: 100; Merely owning this gloriously resplendent gem is ... expand
Market Value: 233957 Weight: 100
Dropped by
Angeling 0.4%, Baphomet 5%, G Baphomet 5%, G Mimic 0.03%, G Orc Zombie 0.01%, G Requiem 0.01%, Ghostring 0.3%, Golden Bug 3%, Mimic 0.03%, Orc Zombie 0.01%, Requiem 0.01%, Shining Plant 0.01%
Merely owning this gloriously resplendent gem is said to be a sign of being chosen by fate to wield great power.
Icon White Potion Loot Weight: 15; A potion made from ground White Herbs that restore... expand
Market Value: 946 Weight: 15
Dropped by
Angeling 10%, Anolian 6.5%, Anubis 6%, Blazzer 40%, Carat 4.5%, Chimera 5.6%, Clock 9%, Dark Illusion 5.5%, G Anolian 6.5%, G Chimera 5.6%, G Khalitzburg 10%, G Mutant Dragon 2.5%, G Phendark 8%, G Rybio 8%, G Zherlthsh 8%, Incubus 12%, Incubus 55%, Khalitzburg 10%, Killer Mantis 0.05%, Lava Golem 25%, Majoruros 8.5%, Miyabi Ningyo 8%, Mutant Dragon 2.5%, Phendark 8%, Rybio 8%, Scorpion King 7%, Shinobi 11%, Tengu 0.8%, Zherlthsh 8%
A potion made from ground White Herbs that restores about 325 HP.
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