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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Bigfoot Card Card Weight: 1; Compound on: shield; Inscription: of Gargantua; Red... expand
Market Value: 257857 Weight: 1 Compound on: shield
Inscription: of Gargantua
Dropped by
Bigfoot 0.01%, G Sasquatch 0.01%, Sasquatch 0.01%
Reduce damage from Insect monsters by 30%.

[Grizzly Card Combo]
Icon Honey Loot Weight: 10; A sweet product made by bees that is endowed with ... expand
Market Value: 2123 Weight: 10
Dropped by
Bigfoot 4%, Blood Butterfly 8%, Creamy 1.5%, Cremy Fear 5.5%, Eddga 100%, Giant Honet 12%, Hornet 1%, Leib Olmai 5%, Meta Creamy 1.8%, Mistress 100%, Shining Plant 5%, Solider 8.5%, Toad 20%, Vitata 3.5%, Vitata 3.5%, Zipper Bear 5%
A sweet product made by bees that is endowed with yummy flavor and medicinal uses.

Recovers a small amount of HP and SP.
Icon Poo Poo Hat Headgear Weight: 70; Equip on: upper; DEF: 0; Slots: 0; A hat which loo... expand
Market Value: 81599 Weight: 70 Equip on: upper
DEF: 0 Slots: 0
Applicable jobs
Acolyte, Alchemist, Archer, Assassin, Assassin Cross, Bard, Blacksmith, Champion, Crusader, Dancer, Gun Slinger, Gypsy, High Priest, High Wizard, Hunter, Knight, Lord Knight, Magician, Merchant, Minstrel, Monk, Ninja, Novice, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Sage, Sniper, Soul Linker, Stalker, Super Novice, Swordsman, Taekwon, Thief, Wizard
Dropped by
Bigfoot 0.05%, Leib Olmai 0.08%
A hat which looks just like fecal matter that is guaranteed to end a date on a tragic note.

Reduces damage from DemiHuman monsters by 10%.
Icon Sweet Potato Taming item Weight: 5; A baked sweet potato with an appetizing scent. Smok... expand
Market Value: 60436 Weight: 5
Dropped by
Bigfoot 15%, Coco 5%, Disguise 10%, Elder Wilow 10%, G Minorous 15%, Giant Honet 35%, Minorous 15%, Smokie 8%, Wilow 7%
A baked sweet potato with an appetizing scent. Smokie loves eating this.
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