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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Honey Loot Weight: 10; A sweet product made by bees that is endowed with ... expand
Market Value: 2123 Weight: 10
Dropped by
Bigfoot 4%, Blood Butterfly 8%, Creamy 1.5%, Cremy Fear 5.5%, Eddga 100%, Giant Honet 12%, Hornet 1%, Leib Olmai 5%, Meta Creamy 1.8%, Mistress 100%, Shining Plant 5%, Solider 8.5%, Toad 20%, Vitata 3.5%, Vitata 3.5%, Zipper Bear 5%
A sweet product made by bees that is endowed with yummy flavor and medicinal uses.

Recovers a small amount of HP and SP.
Icon Royal Jelly Loot Weight: 15; Highly nutritious jelly secreted by honeybees. Use... expand
Market Value: 4669 Weight: 15
Dropped by
Anolian 0.05%, Crystal 1 64%, Freezer 1.6%, G Anolian 0.05%, G Nine Tail 2.5%, Giant Honet 5.5%, Heater 1.4%, Kobold Leader 1%, Nine Tail 2.5%, Savage 0.01%, Violy 14%, Vitata 2%
Highly nutritious jelly secreted by honeybees. Used to feed bee larva and future queen bees.

Cures every abnormal status; Recovers 250 HP.
Icon Scell Loot Weight: 1; A small crystallization created by some monsters. expand
Market Value: 409 Weight: 1
Dropped by
Argos 12%, Cornutus 8%, Cruiser 35%, Eggyra 10%, G Argos 12%, G Cruiser 35%, G Mantis 14%, Goblin 1 12%, Goblin 2 10%, Goblin 3 10%, Goblin 4 8%, Goblin 5 8%, Goblin Archer 10%, Gobline Xmas 12%, Kaho 10%, Kind Of Beetle 2%, L Goblin 12%, Magnolia 1%, Mantis 14%, Metaller 4%, Parasite 2%, Rafflesia 16%, Soldier Andre 8%, Soldier Deniro 20%, Soldier Piere 0.1%, Soldier Piere 8%, Steam Goblin 25%, Thara Frog 6%, Vitata 2%
A small crystallization created by some monsters.
Icon Vitata Card Card Weight: 1; Compound on: accessory; Inscription: Healing; Enabl... expand
Market Value: 708315 Weight: 1 Compound on: accessory
Inscription: Healing
Dropped by
Vitata 0.01%
Enables use of Level 1 Heal

Increases SP consumption of all skills by 25%.
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