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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Old Card Album Loot Weight: 5; An antique album in which the power of a mysterious... expand
Market Value: 2076018 Weight: 5
Dropped by
Am Mut 0.01%, Crystal 1 6.4%, Crystal 3 55%, Crystal 4 6.4%, Evil Cloud Hermit 3%, G Joker 0.02%, G Wander Man 0.01%, Incantation Samurai 3%, Joker 0.02%, Mistress 10%, Treasure Box1 10%, Treasure Box11 10%, Treasure Box13 10%, Treasure Box15 10%, Treasure Box17 10%, Treasure Box19 10%, Treasure Box21 10%, Treasure Box23 10%, Treasure Box25 10%, Treasure Box27 10%, Treasure Box29 10%, Treasure Box3 10%, Treasure Box31 10%, Treasure Box33 10%, Treasure Box35 10%, Treasure Box37 10%, Treasure Box39 10%, Treasure Box5 10%, Treasure Box7 10%, Treasure Box9 10%, Wander Man 0.01%, Wicked Nymph 0.8%
An antique album in which the power of a mysterious Card item is contained...
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