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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Cyfar Loot Weight: 1; A blue crystal that faintly shines with muddled light. expand
Market Value: 804 Weight: 1
Dropped by
Ancient Mummy 25%, Ancient Worm 25%, Cremy Fear 18%, Dark Illusion 25%, Freezer 6%, Fur Seal 12%, G Injustice 35%, G Orc Lady 55%, G Raggler 30%, G Tri Joint 1%, Galapago 67%, Giant Spider 8%, Injustice 35%, Killer Mantis 25%, Kobold Leader 15%, Leib Olmai 8%, Maya Puple 45.5%, Neraid 10%, Orc Lady 55%, Panzer Goblin 45.5%, Raggler 30%, Rotar Zairo 10%, See Otter 12%, Spring Rabbit 25%, Steam Goblin 40%, Tri Joint 1%, Wild Rose 60%
A blue crystal that faintly shines with muddled light.
Icon Rotten Bandage Loot Weight: 1; Old, dirty bandage that's so soiled, it's... expand
Market Value: 438 Weight: 1
Dropped by
Amon Ra 20%, Ancient Mummy 45.5%, G Mummy 55%, G Mutant Dragon 5%, G Skel Prisoner 35%, G Zombie Prisoner 35%, Mummy 55%, Mutant Dragon 5%, Skel Prisoner 35%, Verit 11%, Zombie Prisoner 35%
Old, dirty bandage that's so soiled, it's almost worthless.
Icon Silver Ring Accessory Weight: 10; DEF: 0; Slots: 0; A simple, modest ring fashioned ... expand
Market Value: 18327 Weight: 10 DEF: 0
Slots: 0
Applicable jobs
Acolyte, Alchemist, Archer, Assassin, Assassin Cross, Bard, Blacksmith, Champion, Crusader, Dancer, Gun Slinger, Gypsy, High Priest, High Wizard, Hunter, Knight, Lord Knight, Magician, Merchant, Minstrel, Monk, Ninja, Novice, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Sage, Sniper, Soul Linker, Stalker, Super Novice, Swordsman, Taekwon, Thief, Wizard
Dropped by
Ancient Mummy 1.5%, G Mummy 0.1%, Goblin Leader 2.4%, Majoruros 1.6%, Mummy 0.1%, Succubus 5%
A simple, modest ring fashioned out of silver.
Icon Yellow potion Loot Weight: 13; A potion made from ground Yellow Herbs that restor... expand
Market Value: 453 Weight: 13
Dropped by
Alice 4%, Ancient Mummy 3.5%, Antique Firelock 1.5%, Assulter 12.8%, Baphomet Event 3%, G Assulter 12.8%, G Zherlthsh 12%, Gajomart 8.7%, Galapago 25%, Goblin Leader 6.5%, Greatest General 1.5%, Harpy 8%, Skeleton General 8%, The Paper 8%, Zenorc 0.5%, Zherlthsh 12%
A potion made from ground Yellow Herbs that restores about 175 HP.
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