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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Elunium Loot Weight: 20; A very light, non-toxic metal used for refining an... expand
Market Value: 69131 Weight: 20
Dropped by
Apocalips 0.05%, Archangeling 0.15%, Baphomet 56%, Bloody Knight 4.33%, Cat O Nine Tail 6%, Choco 0.53%, Clock 1.63%, Dark Lord 53%, Dark Snake Lord 11%, Doppelganger 38%, Drake 32%, Eddga 23%, G Baphomet 56%, G Jakk 0.31%, G Khalitzburg 1.91%, G Petit 0.61%, G Raydric 1.06%, G Raydric Archer 1.06%, G Zombie Prisoner 1.12%, Garm 41%, Golden Bug 20%, Jakk 0.31%, Khalitzburg 1.91%, Knight Of Abyss 3.69%, Knight Of Windstorm 47%, L Kobold 0.25%, Maya 35%, Maya Puple 1%, Megalith 0.61%, Mistress 44%, Moonlight 26%, Neraid 0.37%, Orc Lord 44%, Ork Hero 47%, Petit 0.61%, Phreeoni 29%, Raydric 1.06%, Raydric Archer 1.06%, Stalactic Golem 1.63%, Treasure Box10 75%, Treasure Box12 75%, Treasure Box14 75%, Treasure Box16 75%, Treasure Box18 75%, Treasure Box2 75%, Treasure Box20 75%, Treasure Box22 75%, Treasure Box24 75%, Treasure Box26 75%, Treasure Box28 75%, Treasure Box30 75%, Treasure Box32 75%, Treasure Box34 75%, Treasure Box36 75%, Treasure Box38 75%, Treasure Box4 75%, Treasure Box40 75%, Treasure Box6 75%, Treasure Box8 75%, Wootan Fighter 0.05%, Wootan Shooter 0.05%, Zombie Prisoner 1.12%
A very light, non-toxic metal used for refining and toughening Armor.
Icon Horrendous Mouth Loot Weight: 1; A complete set of corpse's teeth. Well, as com... expand
Market Value: 742 Weight: 1
Dropped by
G Ghoul 55%, G Requiem 35%, G Zombie 0.5%, Ghoul 55%, Requiem 35%, Wootan Fighter 20%, Wootan Shooter 10%, Zombie 0.5%, Zombie Master 15%
A complete set of corpse's teeth. Well, as complete as it can get.
Icon Tendon Loot Weight: 1; A bunch of tough, strong tendons. expand
Market Value: 627 Weight: 1
Dropped by
Marine Sphere 55%, Wootan Fighter 5%, Wootan Shooter 1%
A bunch of tough, strong tendons.
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