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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Flame Heart Loot Weight: 30; A dark red, heart shaped stone enchanted with the ... expand
Market Value: 19847 Weight: 30
Dropped by
G Marduk 0.35%, Gajomart 1.8%, Gig 8.5%, Kaho 0.3%, Marduk 0.35%, Panzer Goblin 1.6%, Scorpion King 0.45%
A dark red, heart shaped stone enchanted with the Fire property.
Icon Panacea Loot Weight: 10; A mystic remedy for all illnesses.Cures every abno... expand
Market Value: 889 Weight: 10
Dropped by
Antique Firelock 3%, Fur Seal 2%, G Mummy 2.5%, G Nine Tail 3.5%, G Penomena 2%, Giant Spider 4.5%, Gig 25%, Hydra 0.05%, Kobold Leader 1.5%, Mobster 4.5%, Mummy 2.5%, Nine Tail 3.5%, Penomena 2%, Tengu 1.5%
A mystic remedy for all illnesses.

Cures every abnormal status.
Icon Red Gemstone Loot Weight: 3; An enchanted crystal that is used in conjunction wi... expand
Market Value: 736 Weight: 3
Dropped by
Arclouse 3%, Dark Priest 4.5%, Driller 35%, Fake Angel 10%, G Arclouse 3%, G Penomena 5.5%, G Skel Prisoner 6%, G Wraith 6.5%, G Zombie Prisoner 6%, Gibbet 5%, Gig 1.5%, Kaho 1%, Mobster 6%, Parasite 5%, Penomena 5.5%, Pest 2.5%, Skel Prisoner 6%, Thief Bug 0.5%, Thief Bug Egg 1%, Wraith 6.5%, Wraith Dead 7%, Zombie Prisoner 6%
An enchanted crystal that is used in conjunction with certain magic spells. Once used, it is powerless and immediately destroyed.
Icon Scorpion Nipper Loot Weight: 1; A sharp forelimb claw removed from a scorpion. expand
Market Value: Unknown Weight: 1
Dropped by
Gig 50%
A sharp forelimb claw removed from a scorpion.
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