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Icon Name Type Info +/-
Icon Iron Loot Weight: 5; Malleable, silver-white metal that's very ligh... expand
Market Value: 437 Weight: 5
Dropped by
Amon Ra 10%, Antique Firelock 8%, Bloody Murderer 10%, Chonchon 0.5%, Chonchon 0.5%, Cruiser 3.2%, G Cruiser 3.2%, G Orc Lady 3%, G Skel Worker 4%, G Zerom 1.9%, Gibbet 10%, Goblin 1 2.7%, Goblin 2 2.5%, Goblin 3 2.3%, Goblin 4 1.7%, Goblin 5 1.5%, Goblin Archer 2.5%, Goblin Leader 12%, Gobline Xmas 2.7%, Golem 3.5%, Iron Fist 3%, L Goblin 2.7%, L Orc 2.1%, Loli Ruri 10%, Lude 10%, Orc Lady 3%, Ork Warrior 2.1%, Panzer Goblin 3.6%, Skel Worker 4%, Smoking Orc 2.1%, Steam Goblin 3%, Steel Chonchon 2%, Zerom 1.9%
Malleable, silver-white metal that's very light weight and easy to temper. Commonly used to create arms and other goods.
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