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Name Type Points Parent +/-
Assassin 2-1 49 Thief expand
Cloaking, Enchant Poison, Grimtooth, Katar Mastery, Left-Hand Mastery, Poison React, Right-Hand Mastery, Sonic Blow, Venom Dust, Venom Splasher
A secretive class of Thieves, they are the masters of katars and study the forsaken knowledge of poisoning. Being able to deal large amounts of damage, they first poison their enemy and attack with the speed of a master to destroy him.

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Sonic blow!
By DarkNeo0
Written for

To become an assassin you must be a Thief class and be job 40-50.

First head to moc_fild16 which is 2 south and 2 east of morroc. And go to Coordinates 204, 293 for a portal to the assassin guild.
Then Head up and talk to the npc there about becomming an assassin, if you meet the requirments he will send you to the next room. In the Next room go to the npc on the right side and he will talk to you automatically and allow you to head to the next room after. In the Next room head to the lower right corner to be automatically talked to by an unseen npc, who will ask you a series of questions after you tell him that you challenge him.

After go up to talk to another npc who will tell you that you have to assassinate all monsters with the name Job change , enter the Chat to be introduced into the area with the monsters, you must wait if there is somebody already in there.

After you kill them all you will be allowed to go to the next room by the portal which appears on the bottom right side. In this room you have to get to the other sides npc but you cant attack any of the monsters which consist of mummies and hydras, so use your hide skill and make your way to the other side by hiding, unhiding and running, then hiding again. Once you get in range of her she will send you to the final room.

In this room you have to go through an invisible maze to get to the guildmaster of the assassins, go through the top of the cross you start in, go left, make your way down to infront of his gates, then go down and around the bottom pillar and then make your way to him. After you talk come face to face with him he will tell you that your accepted to become an assassin, you will be returned to the beginning and you just have to talk to the guildmember you talk to first to become an assassin.

If you got job 40 you get a 2s jur, job 50 a 3s jur I think...
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