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Used by jobs
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Icon Name Type Target +/-
Icon Marionette Control Active Character expand
Element: None Levels: 1 Sp required: 100
Dance Lessons Lv 5, Improved Concentration Lv 10
Required by
Longing for Freedom (Duet)
Used by jobs
* Target a party member with this skill, and half of your stats will be given to that character as a bonus points (like 10+60 DEX).

However, the normal stat/stat bonus/etc. cannot go beyond 99, as if it does, the overflow points will simply not affect that character (so no use for Wizards and Priests who already have over 99 INT, DEX/VIT).

There's a restriction to item/skill usage, and only skill you can use is Marionette Control. Using it again breaks the link between you and that character, and you will be free to move around, mess around, do whatever, while that character will lose the bonus stat points gained from you.

A character cannot receive more than one Marionette Control session, and doesn't affect other Clown/Gypsy. This skill will only work if that character under this skill is within 7 cells around you, and if this character goes beyond that, the skill will automatically cancel. Also, if the character target's LV is + or - 5 levels from you, and this character must be in your party.

Note your character can still move around even when you have used this skill.
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