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Used by jobs
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Icon Name Type Target +/-
Icon Basilica Active Ground expand
Element: None Levels: 5 Sp required: 100 + (Skill Level * 20)
Gloria Lv 2, Kyrie Eleison Lv 3, SP Recovery Lv 1
Used by jobs
High Priest
It creates absolutely perfect defense zone by 5x5 cells around you that blocks ALL type of attacks from harming people within this zone. Anyone can come in, but people who are in here cannot attack either. Also, until the skill is done, the Priest shouldn\'t move as well. If the Priest moves, or uses another skill, this defense zone will disappear at once. You cannot stack two of these at once (doing so doesn\'t give you any additional bonus because it then ignores the past Basilica area). This skill does not work vs. Bosses and in Siege Mode (WoE).

You will need Blue Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone, and a Red Gemstone. Also, bring one Holy Water with you to use this skill.

Due to the patch, you can now cancel this by using the skill again (while the skill is already active).

LV | Last Time | Cast / After-Cast Delay | SP Used
1 - 20s - 5s / 2s - 120
2 - 25s - 6s / 3s - 140
3 - 30s - 7s / 4s - 160
4 - 35s - 8s / 5s - 180
5 - 40s - 9s / 6s - 200

(Description From Inlustris)
Icon Benedictio Sanctissimi Sacrementi Active Character expand
Element: Holy Levels: 5 Sp required: 20
Aspersio Lv 5, Gloria Lv 3
Used by jobs
High Priest, Priest
(Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament)

This blessing gives the armors of all party members the
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