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Used by jobs
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Icon Name Type Target +/-
Icon Longing for Freedom (Duet) Active Area expand
Element: None Levels: 5 Sp required: 15
Marionette Control Lv 1, Music Lesson Lv 10, Unchained Serenade Lv 3
Used by jobs
* During duet combination skill of Gypsy and a Clown, when this skill is used, this allows the user of this skill to move around in the area affected by the duet skill. Note this is seperate cast - Gypsy and Clown must use this skill on their own in order to move. Every time skill level goes up, it recovers movement speed and attack speed bit by bit, to 100% at LV 5. The duet combination skill area will be fixed to the area that it started, and if either Gypsy or Clown moves out of the duet area, cancel it manually, or either one of them die, the duet skill will cancel as well as this skill. This means, if anything happens that results in cancelling the duet skill, it'll also cancel this skill. User of this skill will suffer 3 SP removed every 3 second instead of 1 SP every 3 second normally taken when using a duet skill. While under effect of this skill, Gypsy and Clown can attack and use skills as normal. Do note however, you cannot use other singing skills or other duet skills. If skill, A Moonlit Water Mill, a Falling Petal, is in effect, Longing for Freedom will not work.

Requires that you are currently in duet mode.

Skill LV | Attack / Move Speed Set To
1 - 60%
2 - 70%
3 - 80%
4 - 90%
5 - 100%

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