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Used by jobs
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Icon Name Type Target +/-
Icon Tarot Card of Fate Active Enemy expand
Element: None Levels: 5 Sp required: 40
Improved Concentration Lv 10, Unchained Serenade Lv 3
Used by jobs
* Decide fate of the enemy. A card is randomly selected from 14 different cards, and success rate depends on the skill level. Each skill level adds 8% success rate, for maximum of 40% at LV 5. This skill has 1 second casting time not affected by DEX, and after-cast delay of 3 seconds.

Skill LV | Success Rate
1 - 8%
2 - 16%
3 - 24%
4 - 32%
5 - 40%

Effects: One from 14 different effects. They are as follows:

The Fool: Sickness of the mind, start from zero.
- Renders enemy's SP to 0. Right Side.

The Magician: Overworked, start of the trouble.
- Reduces enemy's MATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.

The High Priestess - Breaking of the knowledge, understand in your own way.
- Removes all buffs. Opposite Side.

The Chariot - Bad luck, desperation, destruction, and unintended accident.
- Deals DEF-ignoring 1000 damage. Randomly destroys one armor equipment. Opposite Side.

Strength - Strength in the wrong way, lose confidence, destruction of nation.
- Reduces enemy's ATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.

The Lovers - Farewell, be discovered while cheating on someone.
- Randomly teleports you to somewhere, and heal 2000 HP. If you are in an area where teleportating is not allowed, then you will only receive 2000 HP heal and no teleportation. Opposite Side.

Wheel of Fortune - Unexpected bad fortune, broken promise, lost goal, self-loathe.
- Randomly causes effect of 2 other Tarot cards. Opposite Side.

The Hanged Man - Precursor of agony, giving up, stop.
- Either Stop, Frozen, or Stone will happen regardless of any reasons. Opposite Side.

Death - Bad luck, unexpected catastrophe, difficult situation, danger of sickness, lose your job.
- Will receive Curse, Coma, and Poison all in single set. Right Side.

Temperance - Impossible to control, tiredness, stubborn, and vanity.
- Causes Chaos ailment for next 30 seconds. Opposite Side.

The Devil - Demons interfere with you, danger of sickness, and unescapable curse.
- Deals DEF-ignoring 6666 damage, 30 seconds of halved ATK and MATK, and Curse status ailment. Right Side.

The Tower - Accidents, losing command, failure, sudden changes, bankrupcy.
- Deals DEF-ignoring 4444 damage. Right Side.

The Star - Destruction of hope, sad future, chaos, and lose judgment.
- Causes 5 second of Stun. Opposite Side.

The Sun - Destruction of country, unsatisfied, chaos, losing of knowledge.
- For 30 seconds, ATK, MATK, HIT, FLEE, and DEF will be reduced by 20%. Opposite Side.

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