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Icon Name Type Target +/-
Icon Water Ball Active Enemy expand
Element: Water Levels: 5 Sp required: (5 * this.level)
Cold Bolt Lv 1, Lightning Bolt Lv 1
Used by jobs
High Wizard, Wizard
Waterball is -the- strongest single target attack spell in the game, but requires you to be in or near water to use.

Higher levels of Waterball take water from a larger area around the caster, and the number of hits is based on how many tiles in that area contain water. For example, level 4 and 5 take water from a 5x5 area around the caster, providing up to 25 hits. However, if you are at the edge of the water or in a small puddle, and only 6 tiles of that 5x5 area are water, you will only do 6 hits. Also, when used in a Deluge (cast by Sage), waterball dries up the water tiles that are used for casting.

Waterball level 4 provides the best damage per minute when used repeatedly, but level 5 is usually better when used in Deluge, to make the most of the water tiles that are dried up.

[Level 1] : 1x1 water used, 130% mATK, 5sp, 1[s] cast time
[Level 2] : 3x3 water used, 160% mATK, 10sp, 2[s] cast time
[Level 3] : 3x3 water used, 190% mATK, 15sp, 3[s] cast time
[Level 4] : 5x5 water used, 220% mATK, 20sp, 4[s] cast time
[Level 5] : 5x5 water used, 250% mATK, 25sp, 5[s] cast time
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