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Some name News
Site News.
76 787 Ragnarok Re:Start
by fuse
Some name Ragnarok Online News
Here you can read up on the latest updates from many news syndicates.
2 7 No more Chaos T_T
by Runagi
Some name Ragnarok Online II News
Keep track of what's up with RO II as it happens.
2 3 Status of Ragnarok II
by GundamSeph
Some name General Discussion
General Chit-Chat.
123 1026 Back with a vengence.
by kalajel
Some name Site Feedback
Got some ideas for some future site features? Want to comment on the current ones. Post Here. This is also a place where we post when we want feedback on a selected feature.
77 799 The new version
by kersheys
Some name Greenhorns
New to the site? Wanna post a formal greeting? Do it here! Careful - regulars just might try to razz you ;)
65 1189 Hi, i'm kinda new around here so well.. hi...
by kalajel
Some name Guilds and Parties
Solicit or Advertise your party, or that you're seeking one.
9 48 GR> Lvl 75+ Vit Knight/Priests [iRO Chaos]
by Judgment
Some name Techsupport
Having PC problems, or problems with your RO client? Get help from the experts!
25 168 Divided by 0? WTF?
by IdyotAko
Some name Novice / Super Novice
8 51 Help needed!
by fuse
Some name Acolyte/Priest/Monk/High Priest/Champion
15 99 Acolyte Quest
by Dynewind
Some name Archer/Hunter/Bard & Dancer/ Sniper/Minstrel & Gypsy
14 77 got problem
by IdyotAko
Some name Magician/Wizard/Sage/High Wizard/Scholar
12 82 Need Advice? I'm a Wizard Expert.
by fuse
Some name Merchant/Blacksmith/Alchemist/ Mastersmith/Biochemist
14 60 Noob question about merchant quest.
by fuse
Some name Swordsman/Knight/Crusader/Lord Knight/Paladin
17 105 Grand Cross Crusader Build
by Nugeki
Some name Thief/Assassin/Rogue/Assassin Cross/Stalker
15 87 Rougue uses a bow...
by IdyotAko
Some name Off-Topic
Anything that doesn't relate finds its way here!
243 3286 I wonder how everyone is
by raywindz64
Some name Flames 'n Rants
Got a bone to pick? Got an annoyance... or even a heated discussion? Only here!
36 696 Music Debate Issues!Important That You Read This!
by kalajel
Some name Anime & Cartoons
Discuss any/all types of anime & cartoons.
39 526 Devil May Cry
by kalajel
Some name Movies & Music
Here you can discuss your favorite music and movies.
31 251 what's you think is better?
by Dynewind
Some name Fanfics, Games, & Role-Playing
You know the drill...
49 1493 Let's RP one more time?
by Dynewind
Some name General Gaming
As the name suggests, console, pc, or even old skool gaming discussion.
88 510 The Battle for Wesnoth
by kalajel
Some name Life
Here you can talk about love, friendships, lamentations, or if you need advice w/ something about life.
36 641 Online friend?
by Dynewind
Some name School-Work
Need help with some homework... someone might help...
14 92 A beautiful life (short story)
by kalajel
Some name Technology
Here you can discuss topics of interest relating to technology in some way.
14 62 Do you know why...
by fuse
Some name Drawing & Doujinshi
Drawing aethetics and techniques. A place to discuss the art of drawing. For this is a place to portfolio your work (until gallery is fully implemented).
23 380 hi! i want to ask something important about RO Guro's pics(at least for me) X_X
by Runagi
Some name Programming & Graphics Design
Got some questions or advice? The place programmers (or future programmers) - go to know!
14 184 Just Basic
by fuse