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Grand Cross Crusader Build Nugeki 10
i want a WoE type knight........ renz013 2 Kinju
Sader Quest PandaraZ 4 Kinju
LockedHow can i make a star gladiator??? and what is that??? wakokodragon 1 IdyotAko
Sader Quest, Help me please! Teh-Swordsman 2 Teh-Swordsman
AGI build? LukeC 14 SinnerChrno
What would be a good place to lvl? LukeC 6 SinnerChrno
Paladin Build tuikyuo 5 Ayame
How would you kill... IdyotAko 2 Israel
need help on lord knight j3ster_chu 8 fuse
Job Lvl Owningyou 7 kersheys
Need to lvl swordmaster 5 IdyotAko
newby here need adivce... swordmaster 23 kersheys
Top five necessary for a Paladin (Sacrificial Ritual Skill Build) Ayame 12 Phoenix
Of the Holy Orders Kinju 0 Kinju
A Sader here! need some advice?? Israel 3 Israel
noob needs help 1 fuse
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