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Hunter Questions GundamSeph 13 fuse
got problem j3ster_chu 10 IdyotAko
Card Combos: What is OUR build? deathgrip1 1 th1nonly
lolol nerf hunters GundamSeph 2 GundamSeph
Repeating Crossbow Raziel666 1 IdyotAko
Bard help please LpJimmy 3 LpJimmy
All About the Bard~! Itchy_nugget 8 Itchy_nugget
Where to lvl up? (SNIPER) tray_0619kings 9 Israel
whip dancer! Ruthy 4 Ruthy
Asking where should i level.. tray_0619kings 6 tuikyuo
LockedPlease give me the exact procedures on how i can get A Ballista bow..plszz tray_0619kings 17 IdyotAko
About Third Jobs>plsz check it out.. tray_0619kings 2 Meatball
How to become a Sniper>??? tray_0619kings 1 GundamSeph
Leveling Help Hunter mimirusign 0 mimirusign
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