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Need Advice? I'm a Wizard Expert. fuse 30 fuse
i jsut started playing ShadeSHiner 1 IdyotAko
mage skills ShadeSHiner 2 tuikyuo
MAGE debate ^_^ sunchip 12 Meatball
MeteorStorm? HellBiter 2 Alecx
Should I... LukeC 8 fuse
A suggestion I tossed to the GMs a while ago. Neko 6 kersheys
Frost Diver Worth It? tuikyuo 11 Kinju
Where should i level up?? tray_0619kings 9 Kinju
Frost Nova Kinju 1 sunchip
solo MVP scholar - possible? minimeep 0 minimeep
Hunting Area Undsk8 0 Undsk8
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