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The "Where to Level.." Thread kersheys 5 kersheys
Rougue uses a bow... Mimi_C 3 IdyotAko
LockedRogue help? Jinmen 2 Jinmen
Does Pherroni Card Effects Stalker's Full strip and what does full strip counts on? chaotic277 2 chaotic277
whats the best critical sin weapon? myou 5 myou
A good sonic blow Assasin build cipher_drive 2 cipher_drive
New theif need help basementrockstar 1 Alecx
Dagger Sin or Katar Sin? HellBiter 3 Kinju
good build? HellBiter 5 Kinju
Meh poo poo thief test LukeC 1 kersheys
Swordsthief Kinju 13 XIII09
Assassin Job Change Guide tuikyuo 5 tuikyuo
SinX using +10 Jur With 4 slots chaotic277 0 chaotic277
What the hell is it? Neko 16 IdyotAko
Just to start... KaiXXV 24 kersheys
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