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The Battle for Wesnoth kalajel 6 kalajel
World of Warcraft Runagi 11 IdyotAko
Review: Folklore (PS3) IdyotAko 4 Runagi
PS3 Games I own (and play)... IdyotAko 5 Gavin
God Hand Review Nightmare Zero 8 Nightmare Zero
BioShock PC Game Review Nightmare Zero 4 Strayato
Spider-Man 3 PC Game Review Nightmare Zero 4 Nightmare Zero
Rakion tuikyuo 15
LockedDOTA-ALLSTARS XIII09 22 mikealhussy
Woah.Ness.Ness th1nonly 2 fuse
LittleBigPlanet IdyotAko 1 Dynewind
Another arcade CCG from Square Enix... Lord of Vermillion IdyotAko 11 IdyotAko
From Square Enix and Taito... a different kind of arcade experience... IdyotAko 1 kalajel
Kongai Dynewind 0 Dynewind
Weird Weather, Forward to Battle. Ray's review on Scarlet Weather Rhapsody raywindz64 0 raywindz64
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (PS2 Version Review) Nightmare Zero 0 Nightmare Zero
Unreal Tournament 3 PC Review Nightmare Zero 0 Nightmare Zero
Review: Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction IdyotAko 0 IdyotAko
Review: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (PS3) IdyotAko 0 IdyotAko
Review: Heavenly Sword (PS3) IdyotAko 0 IdyotAko
Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Review (Not including the GBA version) Nightmare Zero 0 Nightmare Zero
Pokémon Battle Revolution Review Nightmare Zero 0 Nightmare Zero
Dragon Ball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2 Review Nightmare Zero 0 Nightmare Zero
HALO 3 IS THE 1337 PWNZ0RZ!!! Or so they say... IdyotAko 9 IdyotAko
CHECK OUT THIS GAME! th1nonly 0 th1nonly
RBO raywindz64 6 Mimi_C
Vids I took at TGS07!!! IdyotAko 1 Dynewind
Fiesta! Runagi 3 Runagi
Jeanne D'Arc Runagi 3 Runagi
GUNZ Dynewind 3 Dynewind
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