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more about the new members ^_^ (member's lounge part 2) dycee29 19 kalajel
Online friend? Dynewind 6 Dynewind
Woohoo! raywindz64th 16 raywindz64th
restriction YoYo 13 YoYo
Lockedstubborn people YoYo 22 fuse
moving away after high school.. i have some weird questions. Yjin 6 Dynewind
Life inspiration Israel 12 th1nonly
Easy Life Israel 17 kalajel
Old Memories Dynewind 50 xholix
Love Israel 30 Dynewind
On the move IdyotAko 31 IdyotAko
I wonder... th1nonly 3 IdyotAko
Adventures and Nostalgia Gavin 0 Gavin
My life... updated lol Dynewind 0 Dynewind
Freind troubles Blahblahblah 30 YoYo
the GF and the BF Blahblahblah 26 Calicien
I don't know what to do please help me! Zarion 51 YoYo
Friends! Zarion 41 YoYo
Blessed be the souls.... Israel 10 YoYo
The simple life... Kinju 6 YoYo
I need help. YoYo 20 YoYo
Lockedadvice Dynewind 32 dycee29
help please!!!! YoYo 28 YoYo
thanks YoYo 8 YoYo
LockedRemember....... Vendetta 16 dycee29
LockedAnadorn is a ................ YoYo 3 Kinju
What been happening in your life. . . ? Israel 6 LukeC
check this out Israel 15 IdyotAko
Polarities Runagi 1 Israel
my life currently XD sunchip 1 tuikyuo
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