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GR> Lvl 75+ Vit Knight/Priests [iRO Chaos] Judgment 2 Judgment
this forum is about guilds right? deveruchiluvr 1 Alecx
Join the Bot Hunters!! radstylix 7 Israel
Chaos Server! Runagi 6 IdyotAko
-copying- GR>preWOE*loyal*Fun*NEW [any lvl] -iro CHAOS- Itchy_nugget 4 Itchy_nugget
Give ma a nice/cool guild name plss Israel 28 gn0me
GR> Aoi Kaze guild. 80+ WoE/Lvling Active (iRO Chaos) -Sun- 0 -Sun-
woo hho da pwners! LukeC 0 LukeC
[s1] Lykos is recruiting [iRO Chaos] Aeriea 0 Aeriea
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