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Dynewind 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
hey fuze, i do remember asking to be one of the ewarly-birds to see the new theme...

is it implanted yet? coz somehow i always see the regular theme, and then if i click the "cookie" log in button, i get the new one. Is it supposed to be like that?

i love it very much Content

and do u want me to clean up those porings? they are rough-lookin in this one
fuse 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
You have to use the cookie, you get the theme, otherwise you don't. Not entirely sure why, but its definitely due to coding issue. Speaking of which, it's very dirty and could stand a revamp but I just don't feel like it's worth the time and hassle involved, seeing as this is the 5th version of the site. If I did consider it remaking the site engine, it would be for something else, and probably not applicable to ROHQ.

Dynewind 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
kersheys 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
Problem solved Smile
Quoted Text Kinju said:
And K.H.A.W.D.? Meh! Hardly even a bother.
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