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th1nonly 12 years 8 months ago wrote:
Marques Houston - Everything

Erick Right - Can't Stop

Daniel D - The Truth

The A'z - Rocketship

George Nozuka - Can't Stop Loving You


Gio - Every Breath

Ahh I can't choose...Lol.
I need two for V. Day and another two for me n my Daniel 2nd year Anniversary which is like SOON! Tired
Runagi 12 years 8 months ago wrote:
None of the above cause I don't feel like listening to all of them lovin songs. I choose Hinder -- Lips of an Angel, though. Not really a love song but it sounds nice.
"Even though, Passed this time alone
Somewhere so unknown, It heals the soul"
-Foo Fighters "February Stars"
Dynewind 12 years 8 months ago wrote:

and... "hate me" too is nice

these are my favs...

michael bubble - everything

enrique - somebody's me

life house - first time
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