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Dynewind 12 years 7 months ago wrote:
ok... so i have an IMVU account, and i have a lot of good friends there... and here's the problem

There's this girl, we met randomly, and she's a cool lady from singapore. We have been friend for some time now, but because of timezone i dont really see her, unless we have holidays. And i dont know since when, but she is getting... more forward? i mean... and one time, she even said that she wanted to say something really badly, but she thinks that girls shouldnt be the one saying it... as i am asian myself, i kinda know what she meant, so right after that... i sent her a PM saying that i do like her, but as a friend, and that she should wait for someone better than me, and that she's a wonderful person. She responded nicely, and said that if i treat her as a friend, so will she. I was grateful that she was understanding.

Then few days later she sent me an IM (yea we know each other's MSN) saying that I dont want to be her bf because I like someone else (something like that) and she quit IMVU, and doesnt talk to me anymore... I dont want to lose her friendship, so i tried to apologize (for what i know not..,. just to be polite) but she still doesnt respond. I know she got my messages, because you can see who visited your page, and she constantly visiting my page...

opinion? i need expert... and kalajel, MAYBE you know more than i do
XIII09 12 years 7 months ago wrote:
u broke her heart dude..myabe she's just bitter because u refused her..but,kudos to you for doing that...
kalajel 12 years 6 months ago wrote:
Well, you did the right thing; there's nothing worse than forcing yourself into a relationship if you don't have feelings for the other person. XIII09 is probably right that she feels rejected and bitter right now. Give her some time; if you were really good friends, I doubt she'd be willing to throw that out the window just because you didn't wanted to be her boyfriend...

And just in case she decides to keep a grudge for a really long time, then perhaps it might just be better that way; it's not easy dealing with the jealous type...
Quoted Text kalajel said:
Anyhow, I beleive that the real logical conclusion to all this is that I'm so darn cool, other people want to be me on other forums!Happy

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Dynewind 12 years 6 months ago wrote:
yeah... but i still feel bad....

i mean... even if i did accept, it's not like im her real bf.. it's only an online thing....

well... so... i guess i'll just leave her alone for a while? i feel like im a jerk Annoyed
XIII09 12 years 6 months ago wrote:
you should tell her that she can't have anything that she wants all the time..

even i can't have a ps3 if i wanted to... Crying
fuse 12 years 6 months ago wrote:
A real life friendship should generally withstand such a blow, however this is a virtual friendship. Personally I don't believe there is much to be had in these long distance relationships. It sucks you lost someone, but the fact she wanted more and that was more important than a continued friendship really shows that maybe she wasn't your friend after all. Maybe if you give her some time she'll crawl back... she feels rejected right now, but maybe eventually she'll value your friendship. Until then, she's the one deciding to sacrifice it in an all or nothing game of give and take.

Dynewind 12 years 6 months ago wrote:

i think that's the first advice i got from fuse? after... 1.5 years or more here? Tickled Pink
thanks... i think she's getting over it...

and takyo... Unsure
i dont even have a video game.. only computer...
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