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natsume1990 10 years 6 months ago wrote:
I'm a novice, and right now I'm near Alberta but I need to go to Geffen to bwecome a mage (magician) what level can I become a mage and how do I arrive to GEffen? Thnks ^^
fuse 10 years 6 months ago wrote:
You can become a Mage at job level 10. Alberta is basically on the other side of the world from where you need to be. If you have warps available, it will be faster.

Check out: Our map section and look for the field in the toward the middle. Hover your cursor over until you see geffen. Far on the bottom right is alberta, where you are. So you have a long trek ahead of you. Don't worry though, it's not too bad.

natsume1990 10 years 5 months ago wrote:
Hi again now I;'m a Jo level 10,and I supposedely have a warp..but how do u use warps? Thay told me something about an NPC but which one?
fuse 10 years 5 months ago wrote:
Kafras are in every town. They change your save town, allow you to access storage, and warp you. Warps cost usually hundreds to low thousand.

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