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fuse 10 years 9 months ago wrote:
Since I've been busy, I'm posting this news a bit late.

This last December it was announced that Ragnarok II was going to be shifting it's focus away from it's 2007 counterpart. Instead the game is taking a step back into the grass roots feeling of the original. While they do plan on keeping many portions of the game similar to how they originally planned it, they want the essence and gameplay that exists in RO1 to be present. Gravity has abandoned the modified version of the Unreal 2.5 game engine and have instead opted with Gamebryo. This has forced them to rewrite much of the game, but in the long run it's suspected to be a more powerful and deploy the game much more efficiently.

Therefore, while 2007's reaction of Ragnarok II gameplay was at best ill-conceived, in 2010 they have plans of releasing something more solid to the community. Let's face it, Ragnarok Online 1 set the bar pretty high, and their next installment fell significantly below the expectations of many die hard fans.

I'll try to report the news as it happens, but if anyone feels like reporting news on this forum - you can if you login.

While I'm still not super interested in this sequel, I'm definitely more interested hearing they're having a second stab at creating the game, and this time they're setting their aim higher in the spirit of the franchise.

Runagi 10 years 6 months ago wrote:
I heard about this news a while ago, even almost posted it. But looks like they're going to be releasing it in 2010.
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anadorn 10 years 6 months ago wrote:
wow a chance to go back to RO :3
GundamSeph 10 years 2 months ago wrote:
If i'm not mistaken, RO2 was cancelled as a whole. If it wasn't, i'd almost be tempted not to play. It seems like a really big WoW rip off and lost it's entire Ragnarok feel, not to mention the music is terrible in RO2 =(
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