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9 years 4 months ago wrote:
ok, so i got a knight that I want to be an AGI/CRIT but it was too late when I realized I put nothing in my luck stat. what should I do and what equips should I use to compensate my low CRIT rate?

P.S. I already have a muramasa but the curse sucks like hell...
fuse 9 years 4 months ago wrote:
When you say too late, it's a little vague which level you are. Depending on the equipment, you can do fairly well with only 30-45 LUK.

I think the best stats for this build would be:
- mostly AGI
- considerable STR
- considerable LUK
- ... some invest in some VIT so they'll be able to handle a few harder hits, but I'm more into the pure builds myself so I would exclude this one

I would check our database for things that increase CRIT rating or LUK:


or weapons/gear that helps with this

or consumables that help increase this for a short duration.

Best of Luck.

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