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fuse 6 years 4 months ago wrote:
For those still interested in or playing the now antiquated Ragnarok I, you may soon be in luck! After 2007's incarnation of Ragnarok 2: Gate of the World's massive plunder, Gravity went back to the drawing board. Nearly 5 years later, this February they will be conducting an open beta of Ragnarok 2: Legend of the Second - which appears to be a mix of WoW meets Ragnarok 1. As tempting as it may be to get caught up in a game like that, my age is beginning to show and my dedication towards a career and my education has been coming first for a while (at least in terms of avoiding the MMOs). That being said however, I'm sure any die-hard Ragnarok I fan should consider keeping an eye out for this when open beta reaches the states.

On a semi-unrelated note, I missed the memo. Tribes Ascend has been in open beta since November. Suppose to be amazing, I was into the tribes 2 scene with the renegades mod. Maybe there will be a day again where I'll find the time, interest, or courage to devolve back into gaming-hood.

Runagi 6 years 3 months ago wrote:
I don't really enjoy MMO's anymore. Minecraft is about as much of an MMO as I can handle. Oops
"Even though, Passed this time alone
Somewhere so unknown, It heals the soul"
-Foo Fighters "February Stars"
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