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fuse 9 years 1 month ago wrote:
The site has been not functioning for the past month. I wanted to bring you all up to speed: the server moved from *NIX to a Windows environment and thus messed up a few scripts. I don't know why the login wasn't working other than I was using a bit of code that shouldn't have been there, but worked on the previous web server.

To make a long story short, I got the news feeds and server status working again. When I inquired to the host about the server move (since I have been so busy) he told me about pre-renewal. I was actually pretty excited to hear that had come back. I immediately found myself, however, bored at the sheer monotony of the leveling - it is super slow; however, I do appreciate them removing the BS like the mimics and hunter flies from maps that makes leveling effectively annoying (bots could care less!).

Since we're not an official fansite... haven't been for years for reasons that are beyond my comprehension, I guess there is no stigma with talking about a newer database. There have not been any AEGIS leaks in years, I'm pretty sure they have that all pretty well patched up so - unfortunately we cannot use official data - only the eAthena stuff. Don't get me wrong, the project has seen its successes over the years. More recently, I have noticed many RO databases are moving over to eAthena. With that being said, I intend on preserving the AEGIS information of the current database, but providing an updated version of a database using the eAthena SQL tables (time permitting). I myself, although picking up pre-renewal feel a sense of nostalgia... it just isn't the same without the people, just like how it is here on So likely, I won't be playing on any regular basis. Last time I played was for 2 weeks last summer and before that... years. There are so many other good games to be playing now a days and its a sign when newer hardware doesn't break a sweat running RO.

About RO2:LoTS... I really have no interest in the game. I have seen videos, but it simply looks too much like RO meets WoW (and all the other variants of WoW that exist out there - hundreds); thus, nothing very special.

Been dealing with life issues and will update you throughout the years, even if I don't find myself here on a regular basis.

All the Best,

9 years 1 month ago wrote:
Wow fuse, you've kept this place up for over ten years.

Good on you. Much respect. RO isn't what it used to be, that's for sure.

fuse 9 years 1 month ago wrote:
Thanks so much Riktar for the acknowledgment. It has been hard... you are right - RO isn't what it used to be, unfortunately. I really enjoy people coming out of the wood work though and coming by to just say hi and show they are still alive and doing well! Smile

Israel 9 years 1 month ago wrote:
good to know that youre still keeping this site alive and kicking...
Only a dead fish goes with the flow
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