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Kinju 12 years 5 months ago wrote:
I seriously think they need to improve this skill. It was not a popular skill before bbut heck, even the old FN was better than the current one (FN a mob, then FD the unfrozen target, then use LoV). The casting time is sooooooo slow and the damage is crappy. Sure, you may freeze enemies a lot easier than Frost Diver does but for half duration? In the end, Storm Gust is ultimately better.

Any other comments?
sunchip 12 years 5 months ago wrote:
as i had quit RO a long time ago......but i still remember frost nova was....quite weak...ok very weak and well...juz not a good skill....i rilly cant pik out ne advantages on it coz i used frost driver which i found rilly useful......and yeah storm gust is deadly...once your castin duration of storm gust spell becomes under 1 second...its definitly L33T
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