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anadorn 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
I've been expecting this kind of post to show up in the earlier part of the forum, but I seeing that no one bothered to even start. Ill begin...

Which of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd job classes do you think excels the most?

I do not really want a conflict or squabble to occur in this post... so I'm telling whoever would reply, that this post is only asking each man's(or woman's) opinion..

how-so-ever if anyone does start a fight...



1st Class: well I actualy can't decide Oops

2nd Class: Rogue, this vagabonds can put up a fight both against MVP and in PvP, wether the it maybe the sly stripper type(bow type here in pRO) or the more offensive knife/sword wielder... they just sneak throught the enemy then.. BOOM

3rd Class:The Champion, though he more likely excels in PvP the most... no one can"t say WOW, when he Delivers his ASURA(Extrimity Fist)!!! hahahaha
Israel 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
GC paladin with heall and all the shield skills
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Kinju 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
I expect to see a lot of replies here, all written in them are "there is no such thing as BEST whatever" but what do I care anyway?

I say SinX and their newly improved skills to help them boost theirselves up in PvP, and Alchemists/Creators and their homunculi in PvM
Yasuo 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
My best character in iRO before there was even advance jobs was a Priest named Healer of Heaven on Loki. Or was it my crusader that i deleted..uhh... Well sorry i dont have any pictures i quted iRO a long time ago... *like 6 months snicker*
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tuikyuo 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
stalker, Bowling bash when full stripped will own you. mwhahaha
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Kinju 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
I still say Alchemists r0xx0rz! How can you strip when my equips are coated. Not to mention, don't you need to repair those?
night_blade 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
there's isn't any "best" character... but there are a lot that are better than others... for instance, im my oppinion sinX and mastersmith are overpowered.... on sakray, there's a mastersmith who uses meltdown, and then punches at high speed to destroy weap and armor rather quickly... there isn't much to do about that. and sinX... EDP is too strong, i mean seriously, breaking full hp emperiums in <10 seconds? overpowering...

best first class... i really dont know if there is one.

best 2nd class.... im not sure, but i think wizards are preatty high up in the rankings.

best high 2nd class.... tie between sinX's killing power and mastersmith's destructiveness.
anadorn 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
eh? expected a lot repies for this post

I'm just posting this so this will go up to latest updated post thingie majig...
kersheys 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
first class... none Notify FIRST CLASSERS ALL SUCK! lawl (kidding)

2nd class... instant cast wiz. I had one and WOW O_O

high 2nd class... I got three choices. Champion, Sniper and High Wizard
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And K.H.A.W.D.? Meh! Hardly even a bother.
Meatball 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
1st Class: I would say Merchant (battle type). Why? They have Mammonite and their cart to carry all their potions. Put them in a fight against any first job and they're sure kill.

2nd Class: I would say Crusader (shield type). The strongest 2nd job melee class around. With high hp, spammable skills such as bash and holy cross, and reflect shield, they definitiely put a good fight and they bring down monks/champions with them too. Put them up against an Assasin or Knight and they suffer their own damage plus the crusader's.

3rd Class: Champion.... why? Because i play one.
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sinalbedo 13 years 3 months ago wrote:
first class... ..... i guess nothing good at all... swordman and thief maybe? or archer?

2nd class... knight hybrid becos easy to use, assassin becos later he will gain big destruct power..

high 2nd class... I got few choices. Champion, Sniper, Paladin and Sin X

this is according idRO, so i dunno in international (^^); (-_-)a
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elric 13 years 2 months ago wrote:
high wizard with instant cast or champion with instant asura strike, thats my choice
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