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fuse 8 years 7 months ago wrote:
While my current life pursuits don't typically permit me to sit back and grind at MMORPGs for hours on end, I did take the opportunity yesterday to play for about an hour.

My initial impressions of the game are as follows:

The Good:
- The graphics look fabulous. I think they did a good job, especially with the character design trying to maintain the feel of the original game.
- I like how they have separated the class and job into a more logical categories: classes are the knights, priests, wizards, etc; the jobs are the "professions" you witness in other MMORPGs. It seems like they have finally understood the meaning of "job" and associated it accordingly.

The Bad:
- The skill trees currently are lacking. For instance wizard has 3 basic elements and trees. Although the game may be balanced the lack of variety leaves more to be desired.
- The game mechanics screams WoW, utilizing the same formula recycled in the innumerable MMORPGs developed since WoW's inception. I hate to say it, but I would say it with any modern MMORPG - if you can't bring originality or something new to this accepted formula, expect players to have the uncanny sense of déjà vu - they are playing WoW - but it isn't Wow.
- Not available in America yet... but has that stopped any of you before?

The Good / Bad:
- OBT is free to play, and probably will continue to be free to play and manage server costs employing modern MMO business techniques - such as offering advantages to those who purchase virtual items with real money - offering them an advantage.
- Nothing can replace the MMO we all fell in love with over a decade ago - the original Ragnarok. Once it has made its jump to the full 3D we get to witness some new, fun, and interesting nuances at the cost of the game losing some of its inherent innocence.

Feel free to comment further. I may pick up the game for an hour here in there if I have time. Private message me if you want my details.

Second: I don't know if there is really a need for a fan site database - but if some of the fans bring the database information and relevant pictures, I will post them here. In light of this happening, I might be willing to revamp ROHQ to version 6 - which is long overdue would offer the site better search functionality, security, and some level of bot registration protection among many other futures. As of recent, I don't have the extra time to work on such a project. On the other hand, I can dedicate an hour here and there to pull something together within a few months.

I leave the choice to the opinion of the fans.

Update: I see a whole bunch of active people on the site all of a sudden... reunion?

BTW Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising is going to be released for iOS and Android devices this month. Think of it sort of Ragnarok alpha/early beta, except for smart phones. It will be free to download and play with in-game premium purchases used to support the developers and server overhead.

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