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fuse 4 years 2 months ago wrote:
Just reminiscing of RO days, as I built a new custom-PC gaming rig; and I searched for Ragnarok Online on Steam - figuring it would be there.

However, what I wasn't expecting was Ragnarok Re:Start. Curiously I clicked on it.

It appears to be a re-release of the game, episode-by-episode, month-by-month from 2003 to the game's present.

For anyone wanting to experience gaming nostalgia, I would probably recommend that you try it. I will probably start a character to play around. I do like the idea of how everyone will be on even playing ground to start; but I must warn myself about this game. On the other hand, I truly doubt such a release is going to cause a massive resurgence of past RO fans, since it isn't widely publicized.

But at least you heard it here..

Date of Release: July 18th, 2017

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