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tray_0619kings 12 years 8 months ago wrote:
i dont know where to warpWhat?What? how can i go to aldebaran at the same time niflheimWhat? > as the rrudra bow does it required a particular lvl so that u can enable to use itWhat?@.@
tuikyuo 12 years 8 months ago wrote:
K! For nefhliem you have to go to morroc -> Comodo -> Umbala, then in umbala you have to go to the dungeon in the upper left, then to the center warp in the first level, then the center warp in the second level aswell. You'll be in the yagg tree there's nothing but plants here and no mini map so find your way going right through two levels to the the nefhliem dungeon. After getting past the two level of nefhliem dungeon you'll be in nefhliem town.

You can get to al de barran from geffen and izlude.

I believe rudra bow is level 48 requirment?
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Israel 12 years 8 months ago wrote:
hey~ keep ur eyes open just in case ull reach that dreadful place Niflheim, monsters pwan in the city and keep an eye for Lord of Death
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