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FaithChild 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me what's a good Combo-Monk Build, mind telling me Skills and Stats I should get? ...and if there is already a topic such as this, can someone re-direct me? Thanks! -Faith-
kersheys 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
For me, combo build requires aspd since the more times you attack, the more chances you get of running a combo so you need agi. And here's suggested (I am not saying you should seriously follow but this is what I used) skills:

Raging Thrust 5
Raging Quad Blow 5
Flee 7
Iron Fists 5
Summon Spirit 5
Throw Spirit 5
Occult 3
Guillotine Fist 5
Fury 3
Absorb Spirit 1

Demon Bane 10
Divine Protect. 10
Ruwach 1
Teleport 2
Heal 6
Inc Agi 10
Blessing 10
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Meatball 13 years 3 weeks ago wrote:
you could try these two: note, this is just my opinion for combo monk build mainly for pvm but is fair for pvp (hybrid build)

str 84 +26
agi 73 + 7
vit 54 + 6
dex 46 + 14
luk 1 +3
int 1 +12

this is mainly for str and some attack speed and flee with decent vit

or you could try a dex one

str 74 + 26
agi 73 + 7
vit 54 + 6
dex 56 + 14
luk 2 +3
int 3 +12

*both builds are with blessing and ring of muscles

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FaithChild 13 years 2 weeks ago wrote:
Thanks for the advice, Well this is what I have on my Acolyte so far...

Demon Bane-10
Divine Protection-10
Heal-5 (gonna be 9)
Inc. Agility-2 (gonna be 10)


Not too sure how well I'm doing, any feed back? Well I was just having some trouble deciding what skill I need/should get as a Monk...
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