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tuikyuo 13 years 2 months ago wrote:
Hi, I was thinking of making a crusader to paladin, but I need to know about them.

The Crusader would just be pvm so I can 99 quickly, but Iunno what levels fastest, I was thinking GC/Heal and have a lot of vit like 80 so I could mob monsters if I party'd a wizard and/or priest.

The Paladin would be for woe and I am aiming for 99/70 someday! Heres the Skill Build:
(Note iRO names: Sacrificial Ritual= Matyr's reckoning)

(Note: For the last 5 levels probably maxing shield reflect or getting something else last and then maxing it)

I'd go Shield Chain and Cavalier Mastery first then max sacrifice, then get matyr's reckoning, just because I could Level with shield chain/ holy cross 4, level with other players via mobbing etc. And to Get the last few job levels i'd just stay at Dark Frames Holy crossing or find some nice biolabs 3 parties.

Now for the stat build is what bugs me, I wana revolve it around woe, so I'm thinking high vit (for matyr reckoning killing/more hp), I do realize Ice pick will be my enemy but with defending aura and reflect shield i'd do dmg back to my atkers.
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Israel 13 years 2 months ago wrote:
20ish str
1 agi
50ish dex
70ish vit
99 int
9 luk

just dont forget to max bash and that quest skill that enables bash to stu nan enemy.
try to have this kind of weapon "quad stun blade" and use it with a lvl 10Bash...your opponent would be automaticaly stunned.

Very large damage potential
Can get the MvP
Quite powerful in PvP
One of the fastest ways to level 99
Grand Cross looks nice Content

You'll die, a lot, especially when you get mobbed
if you hate priests, don't make one
I said powerful in pvp, but they're a bit inferior to Shield crusaders


55? -> 70+ = zenorcs
70+ -> 99 = Chivalry, Castle, Niffleheim. Get good armor.


A. MvPing

The great thing about GC saders is that, with a good priest, you can beat
hunters almost everytime on undead/shadow MvPs. The shadow MvPs are Baphomet,
Doppleganger, Lord of Death, Pharaoh, Samurai Specter and Dracula. The undead
MvPs are Dark Lord, Drake and Osiris.

I have tried only 3 of these so far, so any suggestions are welcome. From my
experience, you and your priest definitely need the element reducing cards for
your MvP. Baphomet casts a killer LoV, and Dark Lord casts an equally deadly
Meteor Storm. You need a dustiness hood and a Jakk hood respectively, to stand
a chance against these monsters. Always get your priest to cast suffragium on
you, it helps a lot in beating out competition. The third MvP I know of is
Osiris. He is pretty easy, and dies quite fast. However the competition is
incredibly tough, and if you didnt find it first, good luck getting the MvP.
This goes without saying, but carry white pots and honey while MvPing

B. PvPing

Ive PvPed extensively with my crusader, and let me give you my first piece
of advice. People who hang out in PvP rooms are mostly jerks, but theyre
also a bit stupid. They also tend to hang out in large parties and kill people
who are alone.

The idea here is 1 on 1 duels. Parties are a different thing, for one thing
priests are almost impossible to kill, and generally in parties the larger or
stronger one wins and there isnt any strategy involved. But I guess you can
use these tips too for that.

Anyway heres a few strategies against specific classes. Ill enumerate them
one by one.


The king of PvP before Crusaders came along. Vit Knights arent that hard
actually, if they dont wear insomniac headgear(most of them just rely on
their overupgraded helms). Just bash them with a quad sleep blade, if it
doesnt work(like the rare nightmare carded helm), get a quad magnolia blade
and bash them with it. Afterwards, once theyre asleep/cursed, fry them with
GC. It takes around 2 to 3 to take them down, sometimes they spam pots between
being asleep/cursed, then it takes a little more time. Agi Knights are a joke
in PvP, just bash them with a quad ancient or a very strong weapon, then GC
for an instant kill.


There are two types. GC(like you) or shield. Both are pretty hard to kill,
since like you, they only take 50% damage from Holy attacks. Shield saders
will tend to just bash you and spam pots, which is futile if you have blue
pots of your own. So just walk away from them. If you want you can try to put
them to sleep. GC saders cant be put to sleep, so dont try it. Most of
your battles with your own kind will end in stalemates.


Piece of cake. Bash with ancient or very strong until stunned, then GC. The
next thing they know theyll be kissing the floor. Unless the assassin has
more than 50 vit, then it will end in a stalemate unless you get lucky. Dont
worry. Return to the PvP room and bring an envenom clip(poison spore card),
and envenom them with your quad sleep blade. Then fry.


IMO, the hardest opponent. The trick is catching it, since he dies in a single
GC like an assassin. You obviously need a sight clip here, but good rogues
know how to avoid sight Keep sight on at all times. If a rogue strips your
stunning weapon, youre quite done for. Hefd probably target your shield
next then backstab you to death. Its all down to luck. Equip your envenom
clip with this one, and when he strips your weapon equip your quad sleep blade
and hope he gets owned by it.


Same as Knights, except they have hammerfall, if you dont have enough vit,
youre gonna get stunned. They generally die in a single GC though, pretty
easy if you ask me. Except more of them wear insomniac headgear than the
average knight. Apply what I said about killing vit knights.


Ive personally never fought one in a 1 on 1 situation. Ill leave this to
you. From my understanding, dont walk in their firebombs, otherwise treat
this as you wouldblacksmiths. They also heal themselves for a lot, so this
might take longer than youd think.

Update: I've fought one, and they're HARD. They can heal for crazy HP and they
break your weapon T_T If your status weapon(probably sleep) gets broken it's
hard to defeat them, especially the vit type. However they can't defeat you
either, so it'll probably end up a stalemate. I've said above, don't walk in
their firebombs.


In a 1 on 1, theyre pretty easy. Theyre easily stunned, and have really
crappy HP. Equip your unfrozen silk robe, a dustiness hood perhaps and some
miscellaneous mdef gears if you want(like rosaries, gemmed sallets), If they
ping pong you with JT, dont worry, it does crap damage with mdef armors and
99 int. Youll easily outheal his damage. Once he runs out of sp, he has
nowhere to go but down.


Again, I have no experience since the only sage Ive fought had a stupid
angeling card(which obviously made the battle a stalemate) and didnt bother
spell breaking my Grand Cross(I dont even know if thats possible). So,
Ill leave this blank, for now.

Update: Spell breaking Grand cross is very much possible. However sages can be
stunned, so it's immaterial. As long as they don't have godly cards(orc hero
or angeling), do what you do with wizards. Although most PvP sages prefer stone
curse to frost diver, it doesn't matter. Once you get close they're dead.


Easy. In a 1 on 1 situation theyll run out of sp to arrow repel you with, at
which point you bash them and GC. Thats basically it. Youll outheal their
damage with arrow repel if you have good enough armor.

--Bards and Dancers--

Never fought one outside a party, and I dont think you will too. Otherwise
just go with the hunter strategy.


Same strategy as assassins, or in the case of vit monks, knights. Sphere monks
who throw spheres can really damage you though, but nothing you cant heal.
Asura monks will kill you, but theres nothing you can do about that except
hit them while theyre still summoning their spheres.


Ignore them except for the unpopular battle priest. hehe u cant identify one unless they start whacking. End of story

thanks Reinier Abdon for this infoHappy
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tuikyuo 13 years 1 month ago wrote:
wow thanks a lot israel. 20 str will help lvling the sword lol, was kinda worry'd about that =/.
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Israel 13 years 1 month ago wrote:
and that 20 stre would let you carry atleast an ample amount of whites or blues when u ran out of juice.
Only a dead fish goes with the flow
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IdyotAko 13 years 1 month ago wrote:
Well... if you ask me... leveling wise, you can go Battle Shield (if you're gonna solo) or go GC (if you'll be soloing/partying).

As a Pally... MR is definitely a good build to go with for PvP/WoE... but leveling could be cumbersome.
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Ayame 13 years 1 month ago wrote:
How about a shield chain/sacrificial ritual hybrid? /gg
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