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Teh-Swordsman 12 years 9 months ago wrote:
Hi all im soon to be a sader but how do i become on? Please tell me a walkthrough and the items needed if there is any thanks!
Israel 12 years 9 months ago wrote:
i hope this wil help

after reaching job 40 head to prontera castle 2nd floor and you will find 2 crusaders there, location is on the left wing of the castle. Talk to Michael...i forgot whats his last name but u will know him when u see him,hes like a mascular guy with cool armor.

heres the things that u will need(ths is what they required for me to gather when i took a job change)

1 rosary(slotted or not)
1 holy water
10 horrendous mouth
10 rotten bandage
10 jack o lanterns

after u hand over the items hes like gonna talk about something, i just forget whatContent
after that go atlk to the guy in the prontera prison, hes in the gorund floor of the castle i think hes name is Anguising Man or Man in Anguish, hell let u take a quest in a room filled with monsters. Dont Kill any monsters there and lastly head over to prontera church and talk to the chick sader.Shell ask for some questions about undead stuffs.You should be familiar with the undead type in order for you to answer those darn question.Its kinda hard tho for a 1st timer to answer those stuffs.It took me 2 days to answer those. Just be patient and youll be a crusader in no time.Thumbs Up!
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Teh-Swordsman 12 years 9 months ago wrote:
ThanksThumbs Up!
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