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fuse 12 years 3 months ago wrote:
For a while, there has been a delay of 100-200 second page loads during the nightly hours. This was due to our cronjobs running virtually via a script I made. The intial intent was to allow the script to run "background" to any other tasks going along on the site. Meaning you wouldn't have to wait for it to load if you didn't want to.

I have made corrections, and now the cron will run in the background. But if you're done with the site, and notice the page keeps loading... loading... and loading, please leave it open so our crons can eventually run. It shouldn't take more than a couple minutes to run. It is much appreciated.

I will hopefully at some point begin testing on the skin system, by implementing new side skins. It all depends if I'm using what I've put into this site to coding future site engines. If you'd all like, I am willing to release the current site theme under a downloadable zip file. From there, creative people with html and imaging could create "alternative" site themes, which if the final result looks good, I would be willing to implement.

I really am offering this to anyone, but I ask that you please only contact me if you're serious.

That's all for now I think Oops

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