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fusiopaladin 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
My name is fusiopaladin, and I'm new to RO. Hopefully I can make some friends here, if you wanna chat with me, I'm on Loki server, chars name is Arcanus Promathia.

Anyways, I'm just saying hi.
kalajel 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
Welcome to the ROHQ.
Quoted Text kalajel said:
Anyhow, I beleive that the real logical conclusion to all this is that I'm so darn cool, other people want to be me on other forums!Happy

98% of the internet nation has a Myspace. If you're part of the 2% that can resist stupid fads, copy and paste this into your sig.,Hentai.png
kersheys 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
Welcome to ROHQ.

We'll stab you if you leave.
Quoted Text Kinju said:
And K.H.A.W.D.? Meh! Hardly even a bother.
anadorn 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
Hey welcome to ROHQ... if you have any problems, don't be shy to tell any of the Admins or Moderators....

And please enjoy your stay here with us...
IdyotAko 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
Indeed... welcome to the most dysfunctional RO forums out there... ROHQ!!!

And try not to fall asleep as we are kinda left with dull, rusty knives.

And yes... it would also help your cause if you tell us which version of RO you play. /ok
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Dynewind 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
or what country RO it is.... haha

and... welcome to ROHQ>...

mind stating why you are hereWhat? for the forum, the stats of RO, or for the HWhat??
Israel 11 years 4 days ago wrote:
Greeting with love and peace fusiopaladin, first of all i would like to say welcome. As a second in command of Kalajels hamster army, I would like to offer you a room in our underground barracks. In there your safety will be assured from the threats of the above. If interested please change your avy to any kind of hamster. We could rule the world through this and this would be the first step in our world domination.I may be cute unlike our general Kalajel but you must think twice for i have a jaw of a lion, paw of wolverine, skin of a rhyno and an eye of an owl. Thats all for now and i should say again...welcome. Long live the revolution!

Second in command
Kalajels Hamster Army for World Domination (K.H.A.W.D)
Only a dead fish goes with the flow
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xholix 11 years 3 days ago wrote:
wow izzy!! nice speech!!!
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Yjin 11 years 3 days ago wrote:
hey. what's up.

a lot of people here are pretty random.. but friendly.

so chea.. enjoy your stay. Drooling
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Dynewind 11 years 2 days ago wrote:
yeah we are randomDrooling

from nerds, to geeks, to police, to perverts, to students, to ro fans, etc....
xholix 11 years 1 day ago wrote:
yeah... welcom welcome.... see our private gallery will youWhat?
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YoYo 10 years 11 months ago wrote:
hiya man
xholix 10 years 11 months ago wrote:
hiya too
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Dynewind 10 years 11 months ago wrote:
hiya three
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