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PandaraZ 13 years 4 months ago wrote:
Where do is the dude you have to talk to?
Dynewind 13 years 4 months ago wrote:
no one,,,
just post your question, and one of our masters (lol) will show up eventually... ^^
if it's simple question, most member here can answer (we are retired... lol)
fuse 13 years 4 months ago wrote:
If you mean who you need to speak to in order to become acolyte. It's at the Prontera Church - top right big building in Prontera. From there you will need to talk to one of three Brothers. One is on the map above Morroc, the other a couple fields west of Pronera, and the final one is northeast of prontera before you enter the abandoned city.

Runagi 13 years 4 months ago wrote:

As Fuse said..

The one above Morroc City is one map north of the city, all the way to the Northwest. This is the Sister.

As for the other two, one is One Map North, then I believe 2 maps east. It's the map with all of the Coco's, the guy is all the way to the east of this zone (this one is the most pain in the butt to get to, in all honesty most people get a higher lvl to take them).

The last of the guys is, from what I recall, 1 map north, and then 3 maps west. It will be the zone with rivers and little bridges crossing it.

Just make sure you read the information that the guy will give you when you go to do the Acolyte Quest. He will say something along the lines of, "Seek out (Brother/Sister) [Northeast/Nortwest of Prontera] [North of Morroc] and then come back to me with their message."

Good luck, little aco. ^^;
"Even though, Passed this time alone
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Dynewind 13 years 4 months ago wrote:
is he/she here?

i cant see noone....
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