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Game Name: Ragnarok Online 2
Game Platform: Windows PC
Massively Multi-Player Role-Playing Game. Massive multiplayer is considered more than 64 players residing on the same server/world simultaniously. All of these games are online and utilize a network connection.
Game Type: MMORPG
Game Status: In-Development, alpha-test
Keywords: Ragnarok Online 2, RO2, Ragnarok2
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Q1 2006 JAPAN, Q1 2006 KOREA
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Ragnarok Online 2:

Not much is happening with RO2 right now

This is mostly due to a problem between Gunhoe and Gravity. There was an issue with the pricing, as well as the game not actually being complete before they attempted a release... maybe in a couple years it will be playable :(

What is RagnarokOnline 2?

(article by: fuse, November 28th, 2005) Last Update Dec 16th 2005

Ragnarok Online is an MMORPG produced by Korean game design company called "Gravity Corporation". The game is based of manga called "Ragnarok: Into the Abyss" created by Myoung-Jin Lee.
Ragnarok Online 2 (also known as: RO2) is the sequel to well known Ragnarok Online. There are many improvements upon the game, as to be expected with any sequel. Some pains and hassles delt with in the past have been corrected for more enjoyable and fluid gameplay. These details are described throughout this entire article. Though there are a lot of rumors circulating, we attempted to label every detail whether it be fact or just a rumor.

There isn't much that we can tell you at this point, since the game is still in development and only a selected number of individuals from asia have been let in to the first preliminary beta. However, this much we do know:
  • Game is going to be entirely in 3D, unlike it's predecessor. The sequel will be veering away from its "Traditional" graphics, but still maintaining an active level of cuteness portrayed by the anime stylings.
  • The game recycles the previous Aegis server technology founded by Gravity. The world is crafted using the
    The "Unreal Engine" is popular gaming engine used in modern game design. Created by the makers of: Unreal Tournament. Hence the name.
    well known Unreal engine
  • Rune Midgard will be entirely redesigned (obviously), however there has been proof the same places visited in the first are visitable in the second. Such as: Prontera, Morroc, Juno, Payon, Alberta, Aldebaran, etc. As well as some dungeons, new and old.
  • A very clean skinned interface even more vibrant than the original. Item icons show even more detail.
  • For the perverse crowd: Upskirting a feature of Ragnarok 2 (demonstrated at TGS). Since the game is entirely 3D, you can look up girls dresses if you aim the camera just right. There is actually rumor circulating that additional polygons are invested to the area below the dress. (source:
  • Game will consist of 6 different classes (confirmed), with 3 races (confirmed). Some of which inherit similarties from classes from the original.
  • Game will feature more elaborate story-telling. Quests will be more involving. Ragnarok Online2 will provide a totally differentiated gaming experience existing hack 'n slash MMORPGs (hence RO1).

Strong Points

  • To eliminate the monotony of leveling, you can change your profession/job for any reason at any time without having to remake your character. This also allows for you to focus on one character and achieve high level.
  • Enviroment is fully 3D, no aspect of it is 2D besides skin interface. Much of which resembles the previous.
  • Good elaborate music , with the scores composed by the music director for the well known anime "Cowboy Bebop".
  • Game will appeal more to adults/teens then to kids.
  • All characters whether it be non-playable or playable character are 3D. Likewise with monsters. The environment is therefore obviously 3D. There are also PLENTY of npcs, most of which have unique looks that differentiate them from one another.
  • Take advantage of the raw power provided by the Unreal Engine. This also allows them to develop the game seemlessly earsier.
  • All items equipped change some aspect of the appearance of your character.
  • Quests and objectives are straight foward. Not only including required items names, but as well as their icon. It's also believed it will adopt a quest log similar to that seen in World of Warcraft.
  • Modelling shows realism. Plants and trees move, when idling your character also moves such as breathing, yawning, etc.

Rumor Control

  1. Game is still in development? True
    Though the game is still far from being completed, Gravity has already discussed they will conduct a beta for Korea and Japan sometime in December of 2005.
  2. There have been plans for an English version. True
    Gravity has discussed bringing RO to English version. However, to avoid forseen problems like that of RO1, they are taking their time before releasing it globally. Much testing is being conducted at this time. Only selected Korean applicants to the closed beta were accepted. Stay tuned!
  3. Ragnarok Online will no longer be a franchise. False
    Gravity with its success of reselling the rights to Ragnarok to third parties at a reciprocol pecentage of the profit, they will certainly again hire out third parties to conduct their business world-wide. The exception of course with Gunho and Gravity merger - kRO and jRO will be under direct influence by the company.
  4. Ragnarok popularity preceed that of it's predecessor? Maybe
    Ragnarok is THE most popular game in Korea. The game has done tremendiously in all of the Asian areas. European RO was also a huge success. There is no doubt that with increased exposure that the game exists, many players will show interest in the sequel.
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